From Crib to Queen: a Photo Essay

I’m not sure when it was that I realized that I did not know how to fold a fitted sheet properly.  It’s been a few years.  I remember one time buying new sheets and trying very hard to notice how it was folded so neatly in the package…but finding no way to recreate it myself.  Then there was an episode on the Today show once where a lady very quickly showed off her very handy skill of folding a fitted sheet.  But, alas, all I understood was that I was supposed to find the corners and do my best to make them work similarly to a regular sheet.  And that’s as far as I got.  Until now.

I’m so happy to have written out instructions in this book as well as the awesome YouTube video to guide me.  And I’ve finally got it down! Hallelujah!

I started with a baby crib sheet, since they’re smaller.  Much easier to work with.  So here’s the before of the crib sheet the way I had been folding it:

And here’s the new and improved, will-now-fit-nicely-into-any-linen-closet crib sheet:

So after accomplishing that, I felt ready to tackle the queen size fitted sheet. Ready? Here’s what it looked like my old way of folding it:And with my new and improved technique, it now looks like this: Isn’t that so much better?

So then I was really feeling on a roll.  (Plus, the baby was napping, so time was in my favor.)  I was ready to tackle my whole linen closet.  Now, first I have to explain that I do not have a linen closet.  When we built our house my husband decided he wanted to use the linen closet to house all of the tv, dvd, and stereo equipment.  This is what should be my linen closet:But instead I have this:Isn’t that awful?   And since I only have two bottom drawers of an armoire, you would expect me to keep it nice and clean so I can find things.  And sometimes I do.  But obviously that was not how I found it when I went to fold my fitted sheet for this task.  So I cleaned it up.  And this is how it looks now:So much better!

And now I’m so inspired I’m off to tackle my mess of things in our guest bedroom.  And maybe a closet or two. Ciao!

8 Responses to “From Crib to Queen: a Photo Essay”

  1. Geof F. Morris Says:

    :chuckle: Oh, your husband.

  2. Lauren Says:

    This post makes me feel better about everything. Even LOST last night.

  3. Kim Says:

    That’s cute that you stared with a crib sheet!!

  4. Megan Says:

    That’s excellent, Marlo! Love the before & after of your linen closet.

  5. Lydia Says:

    Man, can you come over and tackle my linen closet next? I’m SO SCARED of it!

  6. Marlo Says:

    You know…the fact that it was only two shelves I think made it way easier. I haven’t even started on the upstairs linen closet- I think I’m a little scared of that one.

  7. links for 2010-05-05 | Says:

    […] From Crib to Queen: a Photo Essay « The Button Club (tags: gfmorris_comment) […]

  8. Courtney Says:

    I love how the crib sheet posed with the book for the photo op! 🙂

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