Tips: Kitchen and canning supplies

I made strawberry jam with my aunt today. I will be talking about the process in a few weeks, but meanwhile, I thought I’d pass on a website that my aunt mentioned. She said that if we are going to be doing these sorts of domestic things, we should be aware of Kitchen Krafts. We did, in fact, use something today that she purchased from there (this handy funnel). They have tips at the top, too, that might be helpful (some seem more useful than others). Also, I will be exploring this category before this year’s annual Great Pumpkin Party. Too bad the “patriotism” category doesn’t seem to have anything about Abraham Lincoln.

4 Responses to “Tips: Kitchen and canning supplies”

  1. Kyra Joy Says:

    I have two Abe cookie cutters!

  2. Bethany Says:

    Abraham Lincoln=patriotism.

  3. Lydia Says:

    Ooo bookmarking that link. Thanks, Kari!

  4. kitchen supplies Says:

    great tips! Be sure to keep us posted!

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