Berry Berry Pancakes

I love to cook.  And, unlike Kari, I love breakfast food.  I love scrambled eggs and bacon and sausage and French toast and pancakes and waffles and even cereal.  I love that brunch excuses eating breakfast for lunch and that “breakfast for dinner” is an acceptable alternative to actual dinner.

I am convinced this is part genetics and part sentimental.  My grandfather, to whom I was very close, used to take me out for breakfast as a small child, and as a teenager when I stayed with them, would bring breakfast back for me and put it in the oven to keep warm while I slept in.  My grandmother makes herself pancakes almost daily – her love for them is so great that we gave her one of those fancy informercial pans that has 2 cooking sides, so as to make flipping panckaes as easy as just turning over the pan.  She totally uses it.

So, obviously, this was not my first time making (or devouring) pancakes.  But this time, I had a mission: to, for once in my life, NOT burn the first pancakes.  Alas… I failed:

burnt, burnt first pancakes

But, I vowed, this would be the LAST TIME I did this to poor, unsuspecting pancake batter.  I let the pan cool, then readjusted my burner setting.  And now, as a note-to-self, the APPROPRIATE burner setting to make perfect pancakes:

the key to perfect pancakes

Admittedly, I did adjust the recipe a little – like Rhonda, I seem to be incapable of following a recipe to the letter, and since I make pancakes for myself with some regularity,  I have a preferred recipe I use, with a few “healthy” adjustments:

applesauce instead of oil and sugar...

... whole wheat instead of white flour.

Do not fear: they still taste delicious. You never miss the oil. And I actually really like the whole grain taste, but perhaps that’s just me. At any rate, behold the [un-burned] result of my recipe + at last, the correct burner setting:

That's syrup (heated in the microwave), not coffee. Also, scrambled eggs, because I require protein, and strawberries, because they're delicious on pancakes.


5 Responses to “Berry Berry Pancakes”

  1. Lydia Says:

    Yummm that looks fantastic, Susan.

  2. Beth(any) Says:

    I had no idea you could sub applesauce for oil and sugar! This might be my new favorite piece of information!

  3. Megan Says:

    I didn’t know the applesauce thing, either. I love it, Susan!

  4. Susan Says:

    I forget where I learned it – probably one of the million random “healthy eating” emails/websites I receive/frequent. But it really does work. And if you put a little extra in with some cinnamon, you get delcious cinnamon-apple pancakes! I’ve also used the trick with muffins and cupcakes…

  5. Kim Says:

    Those look great, Susan! I’m with the other girls- I didn’t know about the applesauce substitute.

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