Blueberry Juice…

I made blueberry pancakes tonight with the intent to freeze them so we can heat them up in the morning for breakfast.  While they taste good, they’re disgustingly ugly.

Let’s play a quick game – Never Should I Ever…let people think I can cook pancakes.  Yeah…they’re that bad looking.

So before I reveal a picture of the awful result, let’s quickly go through the process…I started making the batter and then turned the page in the book that said “get a wooden spoon…” and looked all around and realized that we no longer had wooden spoons.  I tried mixing it with the spatula and that was a big fail (actually, most of this adventure was), so I just used a plastic spoon.  I quickly became thankful that the book also said “lumps are good”, cause I got a bunch of them.

As I was looking through the pantry and fridge for ingredients, I was unable to locate the fresh blueberries that I swear (SWEAR!) I had seen this afternoon.  They.Were.Nowhere.  But thankfully my mom had experimented with frozen blueberries (which she said were nothing like fresh) and had 2 huge bags in the freezer.  I took them out and set them on the counter for the duration of the mixing process.

I learned a lot during this – the first being that blueberries (at least frozen) tend to leave a color trail.  Case in point:


Second, the whole butter thing in the skillet was NOT a good idea.  The first 3 pancakes didn’t actually cook and just sat on the butter.  Yeah…not pretty.

Third, I can’t flip a pancake to save my life.  Need proof?  Look no further:

Lastly (and the reason for titling this post the way I did): apparently, blueberries (at least the frozen sort) burst when hot and spit hot juice at you.  Or maybe just me.  Yeah, it must just be me…

And now the final product (minus the one I ate and dropped half of on the floor, and the final monstrous pancake that resulted in a pancake flip fail).  Oh, and those 3 at the bottom?  Those are a lie.  I got lucky and those three actually turned out looking somewhat like pancakes.

5 Responses to “Blueberry Juice…”

  1. Lydia Presley Says:

    They don’t look THAT bad!

  2. Courtney Says:

    They really are ugly, aren’t they? (All blueberry pancakes, not yours specifically!)

  3. Kim Says:

    I put butter in the pan before I cooked each pancake and they did fine.

    Your pancakes look good, though!

  4. Megan Says:

    They look good to me, Robyn! My blueberries burst, too. As far as the butter problem – maybe your pan wasn’t hot enough yet when you tried to start cooking the pancakes. You’ve got to let the pan warm and melt the butter BEFORE putting the batter on!

  5. Robyn Says:

    …and looking through everyone else’s pictures, I think my batter had the same disease that Brandi’s had (though not as bad). And maybe I’m not patient enough to let them brown all the way…and I think they may not have been thoroughly cooked through. eww.

    Also, I’ll admit that when I ate my breakfast the next morning, I took the blueberries out of my pancakes after 1 bite with them in. I’m not really a blueberry fan…

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