I will confess that I have no intention of hanging a clothesline.

It’s not that I don’t recognize the utility of a clothesline.  I have used clotheslines to great effect all over the world:  Ecuador, India, Kenya, rural Indiana.  I have strung them up indoors and outdoors, between trees and chairs and doorjams and walls.  I carry some strong-but-lightweight rope with me whenever I travel somewhere that may require doing laundry in the sink.

But the truth is:  I love my dryer.  It was one of my splurges when I moved last year, and I am in love.  I love its steam cycle that allows me to avoid ironing at all costs and the way it magically dries even the biggest comforters.  I still air-dry a lot of things, flinging them over doors and shower rods, but if I can safely dry it in my magical machine, in it goes.

So, technically, could I use a clothesline?  Sure.  But since I would inevitably forget about delicate items flung over a clothesline in my backyard, thus rendering the drying “cycle” useless anytime it rained or dewed (especially during a 14 hour workday), I am foregoing this challenge.

Though I do have this to offer as a teaser:

Basil! Tomatoes! Not dead yet!

4 Responses to “Pass”

  1. Courtney Says:

    No clothesline for me either. I can only imagine what the landlord would say if I tried to hang one inside the apartment!

  2. Lydia Presley Says:

    hah! I actually was told by someone today that hanging one in the house is a great way to cool a room down. I’m very tempted to try it – even with my outside one!

  3. heymarlo Says:

    See, I passed too, for your reasons & also because of my horrid allergies. But your plants do look great! Yay!

  4. Kim Says:

    Yeah, living in an apartment makes hanging a clothesline difficult.🙂

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