Getting in Shape with Jane Fonda…

Now, I am not heading back to the 80’s with Jane Fonda and those snazzy leotards and leg warmers (along with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses & a Members-Only Jacket), but I am working on creating a regular walking/running route in my neighborhood. And actually following through with it.

Every day after work in Indianapolis, I try to either swim, attend a Pilates class, or walk and/or run in my neighborhood for an hour. Since I grew up as a swimmer, that comes naturally to me, and I have been doing Pilates for close to 10 years now. But running..never was my thing. But now I have started to enjoy it (which 5 years ago, I would have laughed at myself in saying that). My goal is to completely run the 2.5 mile loop in my neighborhood, without stopping and/or walking.

With the help of the Couch to 5K Program, and tips from the Runner’s World magazine, I am now running about a mile without stopping. This is fantastic, considering that before starting this little program, running a block was “too long”. Now it doesn’t look so bad. Yeah! My goal is complete a 5K before the end of the summer. And eventually move to a mini-marathon in the future.

Here’s to making goals (and maybe I will be rockin’ those snazzy leg warmers during my run)!

3 Responses to “Getting in Shape with Jane Fonda…”

  1. Kim Says:

    Go, Rose! That’s awesome!

  2. Megan Says:

    It’s nice to hear from others that are doing Couch to 5K, Rose. How long did it take you to work up to a complete mile without stopping? I’ve been doing it about a month and a half but the progress is slow (but still noticeable). I can’t imagine being able to go that long!

  3. Lydia Says:

    That’s fantastic Rose!

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