Feeling like the white rabbit

So this month I feel like a slacker when it comes to this Button Club thing.   I feel like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland running around saying, “No time!  I’ve got no time!”  

I’m realizing that adjusting to three children (the baby will be one in a few weeks- eek!) is still a process. I’m finding the beat, but each month something seems to change, not necessarily in a bad way, just…different and new.

An interesting phenomenon for me though is that reading this book, starting this club and expanding my family to three all happening around the same time has certainly produced a huge surge of domesticity in me.  I also turned 30 this year…could that be it as well?   I don’t know.  But all of a sudden I am in the zone.

We’ve always tried to not eat out much, but that didn’t always mean the meals at home were that great.  But I honestly think this year I’ve improved a good bit in that arena.  There are other areas that I see improvement in my homemaking skills and it surprises me how satisfied that realization makes me.

July’s monthly task is establishing a walking regimen.  And I have a loose one, but not as concrete as the author mentions in her book.  July isn’t over, though, so there is still time.  I know women in my life who have established walking regimens and it does seem to be something to aspire to add to my already full list of “things.”   I do like that she mentions inviting a friend along. My neighbor and I have started walking together about once a week and it makes a world of difference.  Especially on those mornings after a night of insomnia when there’s no way I would have attempted it on my own.

And the pie challenge?  Why haven’t I done that one yet?! Stay tuned folks, there may be pie pictures soon.  (Wonder if I can find any rhubarb around here….)

2 Responses to “Feeling like the white rabbit”

  1. Lydia Says:

    Mmm. I love Rhubarb but was too late to get it while I was home!

    I feel you on the slacking thing – so much slack from my end!

  2. Kim Says:

    Yeah, it definitely helps to have someone exercise with you.

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