Make a Bed

One of this week’s tasks is to make your bed.  I’ve been making my bed for a long time (which I’m sure all of us have!) so this was easy for me.  I’ve been doing it the way Erin does it in How to Sew a Button all along, except for Step 4, which is to take the sheet 15 inches from the bottom and put it on the bed, tuck in the corners, then tuck in the part that’s on the bed.  I just line up the flat sheet with the mattress and then start tucking it under at the end of the bed and work my way around to the corners.  Both ways work!  Here are the pictures of my made up bed! (Please excuse the wrinkly part of the flat sheet on the right side of the bed in the first picture. I tried to smooth it out. Hehe.)

(without the comforter)

(with the comforter)

One Response to “Make a Bed”

  1. Kyra Joy Says:

    When I make my bed, I leave off the flat sheet because it’s just not worth it with my left hand. Changing sheets is one of the tasks with which I always ask for help.

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