I am all about honesty, but even I have my limits.

I have good excuses for not posting here in a while. It’s summer, for one thing. We all get a little lazy in the summer, especially those of us whose jobs do actually stop. Where am I supposed to find time to do nifty things around my house? I am too busy lounging by the pool. My real actual excuse has to do with things like vacations and family time, and, oh yeah, I’m having a baby! In January. So there has been planning and curtain-sewing and things like that going on. I like to use the baby as an excuse for everything.

With a baby on the way, I have become more mindful of chemical cleaners, not just for the baby’s safety now, but also for the future. I never wrote up the cleaning with vinegar and baking soda task, in part because I was already a fairly regular user of vinegar and baking soda and that seemed like a kind of boring thing to say. But what Erin said in her book got me thinking about natural cleaners, and Michaela passed on this helpful (if slightly overwhelming) list of how to make your own cleaning supplies. So that’s something I have been experimenting with this summer. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s talk about July…

So, July.  It kinda snuck up on me, and now it’s almost over!  How did that happen?!

Right now I think I’m going to be 50/50 on tasks this month.   Read the rest of this entry »

Shiny happy house

After working 80 hours a week for the past year as well as spending much of my home time writing patient notes, researching patients’ diagnoses and treatments, creating presentations, or answering pages from patients’ parents, it’s not hard to imagine that my house… has not been especially neat and tidy.

Most of the time I managed to keep my head above water – a load of laundry or dishes here, a quick surface swipe and vacuum there, tossing random items in to piles “to be dealt with later”, but it has been a long time (perhaps an entire year…) since I REALLY cleaned my house. Read the rest of this entry »

Whistle While You Work…

John and I recently moved to Memphis for him to attend grad school.  We started our own version of “spring cleaning” back in March during my Spring Break.  Because we were moving, most of what we did involved going through junk drawers, plastic bins, and our closet.  We threw out several papers/documents that were not needed anymore, gave away books and other things we were not using, and gave clothes that we no longer wore to Goodwill.  While I do try to clean around the apartment once a week (that includes dusting and general cleaning) and we did those things as we moved boxes around/gave things away/threw things away, most of what we did was getting ready for the move.  I did a MAJOR cleaning/scrubbing of the apartment once all of our stuff was out of it.  And I did a major cleaning/scrubbing of our new apartment when we moved in.  So I guess we did do the things in the book that Erin lists under “Spring Cleaning,” but our motivation was the move.🙂

Baby Steps

I hate folding laundry.  Let me rephrase that:  I hate putting away laundry.  I don’t know why, since I don’t uniformly hate all household chores.  I actually like washing the dishes.  But sorting through freshly laundered items and folding/hanging them neatly away?  No, thank you.

So it is not especially surprising that I procrastinated the sheet folding until the very last moment.  The whole not-getting-home-before-10-pm every night last week thing probably didn’t help either.  So at 4:20 yesterday afternoon,when I had 10 minutes before I had to leave for church (after which I was headed to dinner and a concert), I thought to myself, “Crap! I have to fold that sheet!” Read the rest of this entry »

The Damn Fitted Sheet

I am terrible at folding things. I don’t know how to properly fold shirts, so I simply hang them. Yes, I hang all of my shirts. The one thing my grandmother did teach me to do was fold towels, so most of my towels are neatly stacked in my linen closet (see photo below). However, sheets and blankets are another matter altogether. They are too big! Too big, I say! How can one person’s arms reach all the way across to fold an entire sheet?

In fact, folding the fitted sheet was a little easier than I expected it to be. Read the rest of this entry »

We(e) Waldens Attempt the Fitted Sheet